5 creative ways of including canvas in your décor

If you have more photos than wall space, it is not a problem at all. You don’t need a big wall for including all your Canvas prints. Just with several small prints, you can make a nice canvas painting. Adding texture to décor makes a huge sense creating dimensional interests in people. When doing photos to paint by number, you can add to your home décor adding canvas prints. Canvases are thick poly-cotton textured weave making your wall look fantastic and creating a visual appeal. Some of the creative ways of including canvas are listed as under:

  1. Displaying on the floor

If you don’t have a sufficient wall, you can put canvas even on the floor. Display the prints on the floor by making them lean against the wall. If you are having a problem putting your canvas directly on the floor, you can put it on low surfaces like a bookshelf, TV console, etc. For adding a unique look, you can pair different prints with various sizes making them visible to all.

  1. Adding colors

If you like bright colors and wanting to add them to your décor, you can use it with canvas paints. This works both with framed and unframed wall arts for the photo to paint by number. It also works with full colors and black and white images. Adding the required pop of color is so essential for bringing out the inner beauty of your rooms. When decorating, add in all other things like throw pillows or candles of the same color.

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  1. Layering of prints

Try adding dimension to your room by putting the canvas on the shelf, dresser, desk, or even wardrobe. Just do your thing and add either different photos in different layers or also various sizes in different frames. The layout is so easy to change with just one swap. Your décor can be updated frequently for refreshing and minimal efforts.

  1. Mounting on bookshelves

Just use your library for hanging canvas prints as well. You can hang up these paintings in between the bookshelves for that innovative touch of décor. It also adds in a vintage touch to your room.

  1. Using windowsills and mantels

You cannot forget about the windowsills at all. Include the canvas paints for decorating in the fireplace or against a windowsill. If the fireplace is unused, you can put on top of it as well.

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