Choosing the right color contact lenses

Colored contact lenses enable you to change the shade of your eyes and produce a style that is delicate, loud, or somewhere in between if you do want to improve your style statement or flaunt a wacky style for Halloween and other community events.

To cure refractive errors, farsightedness, or distortion, colored lenses are offered both with and without optical powers in contact lens shop Singapore. To use color contact lenses, one must first obtain a contact lens prescribed by your eye specialist. Irrespective of whether you want to improve your eyesight or simply alter the color of your eyes.  

Color contacts for light eyes

If you just want to improve your look more cleverly, consider using an enhancing tint that emphasizes the borders of your irises and intensifies your original color.

If you would like to try out a new eye color while still seeming natural, pick grey or greenish contact lenses, for instance, assuming your original eyeshade is blue.

Those with inherently light-colored eyes and a cooler countenance with blue-red overtones may pick warm-toned lenses, such as brownish, for a striking new appearance that everyone recognizes right away. 

Color contacts for dark eyes

When you have darker eyes, choose tints that are opaque in shade. Try light caramel browns or hazelnut-colored lenses for a more natural-looking transformation. If you truly would like to shine out, use contact lenses in vibrant colors like blue, greenish, or violet. In addition, if you have a shadowy skin tone, intense colored glasses may provide you an outstanding feeling.