Easy to converse wearable translator for everyone

Technology has helped people in many ways. It tells us how to do certain things and also allows us to do it easily without putting on huge effort. Many of the highly efficient things are done effortlessly with the help of advanced technology. Several products are made with the inclusion of improved tools and techniques. The main motive of these products is to satisfy the people and help them go through their day effectively.

Polaris Ltd is one of the most popular firms in Singapore that deals with live translation earbuds for the people. Their WT2 Plus Wearable AI translator is one of a kind and is a single-app earphone translator that helps people to converse easily with others. The product integrates a unique signal processing technology that is definitely different than the competitors.

People who need the live translation Earbuds can do so through their unique interaction modes and it contains over 36 embedded languages. The WT2 application can be used anywhere across the world and can experience flawless communication with others. The only thing they want to do is to wear the earphone.

There are basically three modes;

  • Simul mode- It is used hands-free and results in natural conversation.
  • Touch mode- People will have to touch in order to speak and then touch again for translation.
  • Speaker mode- It includes 1 earphone, 1 mobile phone which can be used to converse with 2 or more people.

These are created with 36+ languages and 84+ accents. To know more, visit the website and look into the products and services they are working on.