Football betting now a days: how to bet?

In this article we will guide you regarding football bets, as well as the best way to do it. For more detail, read the article below. Click here for sts kod promocyjny.

Bet with a cold head

Best football events to bet on

Today, soccer has the majority of the betting market in different operators.

Due to the high level at which the European teams perform, the Soccer Bet includes among the most important tournaments:

Champions League

This is an annual tournament organized by UEFA. It is disputed between the champions of the European league along with two or three first of each league. It is one of the most prestigious and popular tournaments in the world.


It is the main soccer competition in Spain. It is considered among the best leagues in the world.

Copa del Rey

It is a tournament that takes place every year and the oldest in Spain. A total of 84 teams from different categories participate. It dates from 1903. Visit this site for stskodpromocyjny.

Libertadores Cup

It is the competition between the most important clubs in South America. Teams from 10 different countries participating in it.

America Cup

It is the international tournament for soccer teams in South America. It is made up of 10 teams, although guest teams usually participate.

World Cup

The most important team tournament in the world. The 32 best teams make up this competition, which will be expanded to 48 since 2026. It is held every four years.

Europa League

It is an international soccer competition created in 1971. Considered the second most important in Europe.

European Super Cup

It is a continental club competition. The Champions League and Europa League champions face each other.

These would be the main major soccer sporting events. They would serve as a reference to make the best soccer bets.

Simple bets

Simple soccer bets are those in which the player makes a single bet in the event he chooses. To a single result.

The most common is 1X2. It is about betting on the winner of the event (home or away) or the match draw. Currently, most soccer betting operators allow placing bets on a player. Or to the result during the first half.

It depends on a single result. 1 will be the winner, 2 the visiting winner and X the tie. To calculate the fee, we must multiply the amount wagered by the fee and subtract the amount wagered.

In this case, in Manchester City vs Barcelona, ​​the latter has a share of 2.50. That would be the profit per euro bet on his victory.

Combined soccer betting

Combined soccer bets are those in which a selection of 2 or more events is made. In them you have a clear favorite. With this type of football betting you can increase the odds. These are multiple simple bets on a single bet.

Here, the quota of the selections multiplies, for that reason the prize is greater in quantity. They can be combined bets of 2 bets; in them the quota of both teams is multiplied.

Of the combined bets it is the safest modality. Since we only have to match two bets to be valid.

The triple combination bet is one in which the three bets must be matched. You can combine the events with each other to form doubles. So, if we fail a selection, we will not lose the entire bet.