Free Motion quilting in sewing machines

Basically it means sewing and stitching designs which help you to control over the direction that you can stitch over any quilt. For home you should have a standard sewing machine for free-motion quilting you will need to find a unique foot. Some of the machines have foot system in it but others don’t have. You can also take a separate darning foot for any normal sewing machine that you can use for motion quilting. When you want to do free-motion quilting then you have to choose the types of a needle then consider weight. While selecting any type of sewing machines for quilting you should consider some of the things, like it has all the features or maximum feature for quilting. The advanced machines will be having all the feature required for motion quilting. But the basic and intermediate machine won’t have these features. For more information, you can check –

How to work on your motion quilting part

The basic thing is to practise as much as you can by doing quilting. If you are a beginner, then it can be difficult for you but not impossible it’s all about practising. However, while always practising you will get better and better. You can also make your work better by watching tutorials and follow all the steps accordingly. It is recommended that you should have more space or room for doing free motion quilting easily. This will help you to work efficiently and get more project work. This will increase your income also. You can switch off the machine if it has an automatic thread cutter. Because sometime the cutter cut the thread very early but you want that at the last.

Pros and cons of some of the best sewing machine

Some of the tips for maintaining sewing machines for quilting

When you are planning to buy a quilting machine you should also know how to maintain it properly. Here are some of the ways you can do for the maintenance.

  1. First is oiling, at it will make the machine smoother and you can work easily. For avoiding too much friction oiling is the important part for the maintenance of the machine.
  2. You should hand to cover for your machine to protect from dust. So it will be in good condition for many days and you don’t have to clean it regularly.
  3. The third is you should place it in a safe place. So it will not damage and no one will be harmed from the machine.

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