Frequently asked questions regarding Vivo Y11

Vivo y11 is the recently launched phone by Vivo in the affordable sector and it comes loaded with amazing features such as an IPS LCD screen of 6.35 inches, a main camera of 13MP, and an 8MP camera for selfie. It has a 5000 mAh battery that reduces the need for frequent charging and Vivo y11 price is unbelievable i.e. just 8990. Along with this, it has 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon 439 processor.

Here we answer a few frequently asked questions about this phone:

Is the phone waterproof?

No. according to our information this phone is not water-resistant and has no rating for IP i.e. Ingress Protection. This certification indicates that dust or water can penetrate the device without damaging it.

Is the Y11 phone dual SIM?

Yes, it has two-SIM slots available. But this may vary according to the carrier of the phone.

Does the phone fall in the category of 4K?

No. The phone has a resolution of 1544 X 720 and this is not considered as 4K. you can call a phone 4K if it has a resolution of 4096X2160 pixels or 3840X2160 UHD on mobiles. There are many similar resolutions for televisions and cinema.

Does the phone support wireless charging?

No. there is no wireless charging support for this phone.

Is Vivo Y11 2019 version 4G?

This is a 4G Smartphone that has got the rating of 4G LTE CAT 4.

Is this a 5G device?

No. it does not work with 5G.

Does the phone have a removable battery?

No. The battery is not removable.