Is it possible to retrieve the female eggs by using complex procedures?

If you want to discuss fertility treatments then you can get ready to engage with fertility specialists. Complex procedures like IVF can be implemented for couples who are struggling to conceive. The sperm are fertilized in the laboratory by retrieving the female eggs from the body by IVF specialist Singapore.

  • The follicle-stimulating hormone is injected into the body during the first stage of IVF.
  • It is possible to monitor the hormone levels by conducting blood tests regularly
  • The size and number of the ovarian follicles can be measured with ultrasound tests done by the fertility doctor.

Locate ovarian follicles through ultrasound:

The right stage of development should be identified by an ivf specialist singapore induce the ovulation. It is possible to remove the mature eggs with a hollow needle as the ovarian follicles can be located through ultrasound. The fresh sperm sample is collected from your partner for the purpose of fertilization. The egg is injected into the single sperm as the fertilization will take place in the laboratory.

Optimal growth of the embryos:

The incubators are maintained at a certain temperature to protect the fertilized eggs. The optimal growth can be ensured for the fertilized eggs as the embryos are kept under observation. The embryos will be transferred to the uterus once if they have reached the blastocyst stage. The success of the IVF procedure can be determined with the blood test which is scheduled after the two weeks of embryo transfer done by the specialist.