Mobile Pet Grooming worthy in Miami

This listing is intended to provide safe and professional grooming services to pet lovers in the Miami area. Mobile pet grooming miami is an acceptable method for owners who do not have the time to take their pets to a spa. It’s also a way to do so now that social distancing is available.

The company’s mobile service comes in four packages. Regular Cleaning includes shampooing, ear cleaning, claw trimming, gland expression, paw wrapping, hygiene and nose cleaning. The complete Gold Cleaning package includes all of the above plus hair removal and teeth brushing.

Deworming, flea and tick treatments, and nail sharpening and polishing are also available upon request. These companies can be found for every dog or cat.

All services are provided by qualified groomers using high quality pet approved products that meet the highest safety and hygiene standards.

With this announcement, The Barking Lounge will continue to provide quality pet grooming services to clients in Miami and Broward County.

The company was founded by a group of pet owners who were outraged by the professionalism of the various pet grooming companies in the area. They understand the needs of each pet and its owner and strive to provide convenient, high quality grooming services.

One happy customer said, “My dogs were a little anxious, but the groomer helped them get through it right away by mobile pet grooming miami. One of my dogs still has allergies and I had to buy medicine tubs. They were knowledgeable and took very good care of my pets. They definitely have a regular customer base now. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who has a pet to groom.”