Necessary supplies that you need to your ice cream shop

Ice cream is the number one dessert that most people love. Not only is it colorful and tasty, but it can also lift your mood. This is also perfect during summertime and children love to eat ice cream.  When you plan on having an ice cream shop you need to have complete supplies and equipment. But when you’re not sure what are the things that you need for an ice cream shop you can follow these lists to start your business

Disposable supplies

You need to have disposable supplies in your ice cream shop. It is necessary as your customers need to have a high quality of spoons and cups for them to enjoy it. You need to have it in different sizes or colors to make it attractive. Most of the shops are buying different sizes and colors to have options for the customer to choose from. Aside from having spoons and ice cream cups you better have straws for your shakes. Napkins are also needed to clean up your mess when you eat ice cream as it can melt easily.

Takeout supplies

Disposable supplies are not the only thing that you need but also the takeout supplies. You have to expect that customers will like their order on-to-go and deliveries. It is better that you’re prepared for this type of thing. You can custom cup when you want to be unique than everybody else which can make you stand out in the crowd.

Custom Cup

Spades and scoopers

When you’re serving ice cream you need to have scoopers. The scoppers will give you a perfect round ice cream all the time. While the spades are also good equipment that you need to invest in too. This is a flat shape that lets you scrape the remaining ice cream on the tubs. This equipment is your main tool to serve good-looking ice cream.

Waffle cone holders

Wherever ice cream shops you go there is a waffle cone holder. It is better that you display it in an open space to appreciate its beauty and it is easier for your employees to reach those cones.

The ice cream machines

You cannot start your shop when there are no ice cream machines. It will depend on the volume that you want for your shop and the variety that you want to serve. It is better that you have different machines in case something happens on the other one. There is a certain machine for a hard scoop ice cream and soft-serve ice cream. You better decide what kind of ice cream you want to serve your customers.

Display freezers

When you like to add some treats aside from your ice cream like ice cream cakes or bars they need to see them. You have to use display freezers to keep your treats and easier for the customers to grab when they want to buy them.

Dipping cabinets

Choosing a hard scoop of ice cream for your shop you might need a place to scoop it. The dipping cabinet is a good idea for your customers to see when you’re scooping their ice cream. It is also ideal for the ice cream to keep its temperature.


Yes, you can make milkshakes in your home using a regular blender. But when you have a shop you need to have a better blender. It is better to have a blender that has many spindles when you have a high volume of customers. But when milkshakes are not popular in your shop you can use a single spindle blender. It is ideal to buy an industrial blender to cater more milkshakes in a day.