Like most of the other companies ( is a group family companies that have many variety of brands and they are the single wide controller of the whole data. There will be a member who will be the data controller and all other members will be having access to the information that is provided by you and according to that they will provide the service. They possess the below services such as

  • They possess you with all the services and the products that are in need.
  • They help us with features of the service that they are providing and inform you about the account details.
  • Controls and access that are available to you are communicated.
  • They do their duties as per the laws and obligations.
  • Offers and promotions are communicated to you on up to date.
  • Your information provided can be utilised to improve our services.
  • Prevents in the violation of any kind of the activity that may lead our services to be illegal.

How ( shares the information with the other companies

( will not share any of your personal information .But there are certain circumstances where we are compelled to do so. It can be as below such as

  • If we are allowed to share your information with any of the companies that are chosen carefully and may help you to provide any kind of offers or promotional activities.
  • If you lead us to share your information in any of the social networking sites.
  • If the companies or the organisations provide any of the services on our behalf they are restricted in using your personal information unless we have requested to do the same.

The important point that need to be noted that when the other companies are providing you any kind of services you are subject to their privacy policies also.