Products of Advanced Micro Devices

In 1993, AMD has started its product manufacturing and got succeed with AM486. It brought the name and fame as Nasdaq: AMD at  continued until 1995. Finally, they received the microcode rights in Intel’s x386 and x486 processing families. Their next products are

K5, K6, Athlon and Sempron

K5 is the first in-house product of AMD introduced in 1996. K the name taken from the character Krypto mine from Superman. 5 represents the fifth generation and 6 represents the sixth generation. Then they shifted their purchase to NexGen for receiving the rights of the Nx series of x86 processors. They planned to produce their new product to improvise their network and money. The result was the production of K6, its speed is greater than Intel Pentium. As an extension, they introduced K7 in the name of Athlon. Moreover, they moved to the product of K8 with alteration of K7 architecture by adding 64 bit in the x86 based server CPU in which Hypertransport is implemented as direct connect architecture. It is branded as Athlon64. In 2005, they introduced the dual-core Opteron, an x86 based server CPU and Athlon 64×2. Now they shifted to the Sempron2000 series in China with lower Hypertransport. In 2007, they have introduced the first server called Opteron K10 processor with dual-core, triple-core and quad-core coded as SPIDER which activates the new phenom processor from AMD700 Chipset series.

Phenom II is established as DRAGON used ATI R770 GPU and AMD700 Chipset series. It has a memory controller which allows DDR3 in AM3 with the compatibility of AM2+ along with AM2. As a next progress Phenom II Hexa-core processor came in the code as THUBAN. It automatically changes the speed from 6core to 3 cores faster in need. In 2010 Magny Corus with 8 to 12 cores and Lisbon server parts with 4 and 6 cores are released to focus the higher performance per watt. Magny Corus with the usage of G34, the dual, quad-socket is traded as Opteron 61xx series processor. Whereas the Lisbon server uses a C32 socket traded as Opteron 41xx processors.


The first microarchitecture is bulldozer for server and desktop is coded as AMD FX. It plans to compute products from 10 to 125w TDF. It claimed the status of high-performance computing with Bulldozer cores. Some advancements are made in the next products named Piledriver microarchitecture, its later advancement is steamroller microarchitecture aims in AMD’S APU as parallel. Low power cat cores are also introduced such as Bobcat microarchitecture, Jaquar microarchitecture and Puma microarchitecture. It ranges from 10 – 100W for the x86 market. Jaguar aims at low power and lower cost. Jaguar uses the playstation4 to access. AMD shows its progress and development of their products which makes a drastic change in their stocks and their price. You can also check other stock like nasdaq npce at