Protect your healthcare data from the ransomware

Ransomware is basically one of the most common types of cyberattacks, no matter what the industry. It is a form of malware, a ransomware attack usually occurs when the victim’s data is encrypted by any outsider, and then rendering the data becomes inaccessible and unusable. Then the attacker usually demands a ransom fee in exchange for the safe return of all the data. In case if a victim chooses not to pay the ransom, then the threat is that they will permanently lose access to all of their essential data that is taken by the attacker and it may later be resold.

Because of the anonymity which is provided by the various cryptocurrencies, ransomware attacks can be carried out very easily than ever before. The exchange of currency can be made easily without the intervention of any third party (often a bank) and does not consist of traditional routing numbers that signal the location or the identity of the cybercriminal.

ley de protección de datos sanitarios

The healthcare industry is one of the largest targets of ransomware attacks despite the ley de protección de datos sanitarios. Many attacks are seen in the healthcare industry. This is precise because of the reason that they are more willing to pay in exchange for the health records of the patients, as it is a matter of safety more than a matter of security. Without any access to patient records when it is most essential, patients will die.

Where does UTPR come in?

UTPR is basically a leader in data protection as well as security for the healthcare industry, and also an experienced data encryption provider. Data security was a challenge before in the healthcare field prior to the pandemic, and the advent of a remote workforce, as well as new telehealth initiatives, have only exacerbated the issue more.

UTPR has basically developed security solutions that are designed and optimized, from the ground up, so that to address data privacy as well as protection needs in healthcare.