Roofing is a crucial part of durable construction!

A roofing contractor is a person who specializes in constructing, replacing or repairing roofs of homes or buildings. These contractors work the whole year round as a part of several projects. A contractor has basic knowledge of house construction and specializes and manifests expertise in roof-work, building roofs, fixing the patches on the roof-tops. The work requires acumen, experience and the workers may also hail from a profession such as carpentry, hailing from a different background may help them to cater to the special requirements if needed.

A contractor must have a valid business license that serves as a permit to the employee him and proves his credibility and worthiness. Contractors also need to have a certification that is conferred only after working under the guidance of an experienced contractor, thus learning the nuances of the field.

When is a roofing contractor hired?

A roofing contractor is hired while either installing roofs on newly-constructed homes or repairing the old, existing ones that have undergone some damage due to tempest, heavy rain or frequent storms and would cave in anytime soon. General roofing contractor st.louis offers a wide range of services like construction, roof ventilation, repair and inspection.

How do they work?


The first and foremost step involves planning. Deciding upon the work or the extent of damage-deciding what needs to be done.

  • Estimate

The second step involves gauging upon work and estimating the cost to be incurred. The estimate includes the cost of raw materials, tools, resources,  machinery and at times manpower if the contractor is superior.

Additional tasks

  • The roof is the most expensive and significant part of a structure. So, it’s of utmost importance to insure them.
  • Before opting for insurance the concerned company may ask for a roof inspection. If the construction is old and has several defects and loopholes then the company won’t move forward with the proposal.
  • A roof inspection is done by a roofing contractor. If the inspection declares the repairs as necessary then the first step would be to fix the same.


Roof work is a crucial part of construction and requires specialized manpower to work on it.