Sort out the reasons of your dog licking his paws with Fort Lauderdal Grooming

Just like other dog behaviors, there can be different reasons because of which your dog can chew or lick his paws. This can be an indication of skin problems, injuries, parasites, environmental allergies, or food allergies. It can be caused due to anxiety or boredom too. Pet grooming Davie fl can deal with issues of boredom or anxiety too. Some dogs lick their paws for self-grooming when they come after coming from sandy or dirty ground. But if this is frequent then it can indicate a serious issue.

Reasons for a dog licking his paws

Injury: if the licking is sudden and continuous check his paw for some injury such as torn nail, cut, stone, growth, or ice ball which is stuck between his paw pads. Examine the nails closely and also between the pads and toes and top of his feet. You can use simple first aid techniques to solve the issue or visit a vet.

Dermatitis: if there is no injury then there are chances of skin infection such as dermatitis. This can be caused due to allergies, bacteria, or food sensitivity. You can keep a towel and water near your door or his home so that the dog can clean his paws frequently.

Parasites: parasitic infections such as mange or fleas can make his paws itchy. You should consult a vet in this case.

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