The Two Top Robot Vaccum That You Should Consider Buying

Robot vacuums are very futuristic in its concept, it’s small though but it gets the job done. The most common similarities of all robot vacuums are that its small and flat. Flat enough to go under the couch and the bed and small enough to be managed easily. If you’re thinking about the Jetson’s Rosie, these vacuum robots might just be its early stage and will get better as time passes. But for now, it will do.

If you’re looking for one there are many brands that are out there today, but you will notice that there are certain brands that many people gravitate into like the brand called Roomba. There are two products that people usually have a dilemma on when they buy an iRobot vacuum robot and that is the Roomba S9 and the Roomba 980. If you’re looking for a robot vacuum go for iRobot because you can never go wrong, you just have to choose from either the S9 or the 980.

Roomba 980: The Roomba 980 is the first premium robot vacuum that iRobot produces, its circular in shape, and has a measurement and weight of about 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.6 inches & 8.7 lbs. It offers iADAPT 2.0, smart Mapping Technology, GEN 3 cleaning motors and Recharge/

Roomba S9 vs 980

Resume Cleaning capabilities. Basically it’s self-sufficient on its own and if you have a pet at home you’re going to love this Vacuum.

Roomba S9: The S9 is the latest robot vacuum that iRobot is offering. It’s packed with features that made an iRobot vacuum robot even more desirable. Based on the dimensions of 12.2 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches & 8.5 lbs its slightly smaller and lighter than the 980, allowing it to become more flexible. But don’t let that small and lighter facto fool you because it’s actually more powerful. It features iADAPT 3.0, imprint Mapping Technology, Superior Cleaning Motor, Recharge/Resume Cleaning features, and Automatic Dirt Disposal.

If you’re looking for a good vacuum, you can’t help but check out these vacuum robots. These are small vacuums that can run on its own. It doesn’t really need constant maintenance and it can vacuum every day. The best thing about it is that its powerful enough to get the job done, smart enough not to get in your way and you can control it in your mobile device. One of the best brands out there is iRobot. iRobot offers two top of the line vacuum robots, the S9 and the 980. If you’re looking for a Roomba S9 vs 980 visit the link.