Types of coffee makers that a coffee lover would love to own

Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is heaven. Well, with a coffee maker at home you can experience this daily.

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Four types of machines

Coffee brewer: This drip coffee maker is the common appliance in many kitchens for hot and fresh coffee every morning. This is a simple machine that has two containers, one at the top to load ground coffee powder, and one in the bottom to collect the brewed decoction.

A coffee brewer is affordable by all and it is very easy to use. You have to pour water to the top portion where ground coffee powder is added to get a strong decoction. Depending on your taste preferences you can add more or less powder.

One-cup/single-serving coffee machine: This is the type of coffee machine that is used to make one cup at a time. Instead of coffee powder, pods are used to brew coffee. You have to add the pods and add water and the machine brews flavorful coffee. Pods are available in various flavors and so you can have a variety of coffee.

Espresso machines: Espresso machines can make varieties like cappuccinos, latte, and macchiato. The price is comparatively on the higher side but if you are going to use it regularly, then go ahead buying. They give you a small quantity of strong coffee at a time. The coffee that you get from espresso is thick and creamy.

French press: The coffee makers that we saw above were electric but this is a manual one. After adding ground coffee you have to add hot water to it and it filters and gives you strong decoction. This is a traditional machine and is less expensive.