When choosing a screen porch contractor, what to ask?

Whenever you want to construct a screened porch to your patio, you’ll need to construct sidewalls and a ceiling. Various permissions are necessary for various states and localities, and builders must have a particular classification on their license to construct screen rooms in Rochester, NY with roofing. With all that in consideration, below are some things to ask prospective decking builders for a project of such magnitude.

  • How do you deal with screened-porch breeze stiffeners?

If the builder follows the laws completely, a number of distinct and extremely precise equipment must be utilized. Nearly every single material fastening has a mounting, and they must understand which parts go where as well as how to properly attach those.

  • What is the best way to install a skylight?

Unskilled builders will be unable to provide you with an accurate response, so if that was a characteristic you need, make sure to enquire regarding their expertise in installing skylights.

  • Are you familiar with waterproofing the patio ceiling and connecting it to the residence?

 Leakages are a concern with most roofs, but it’s more crucial once you’re joining it to your building’s current roof. Deck builders must execute a lot of very particular things perfectly in order to prevent difficulties.

  • Is there an electrician on your team?

Because these patios usually need electrical repair, you’ll want to be somebody who either has electricians on a team or regularly working with one. Why? As electrical wiring requires special permissions, they must also be able to collaborate with electricians to complete the task correctly and on schedule.

  • What kind of materials do you use for your screen porch?

There are many possibilities available, but builders with little expertise will usually just provide you with some of them. Some people may even use the “old-school” approach of just attaching the screen to the ceiling and adding trimming. It functions; however, there are considerably prettier and more long-lasting alternatives.


Hope you will remember the above questions and will surely ask them with the contractor and clear your doubts before you hire any contractor for the project.