Why can native English speakers readily learn Mandarin?

If you are still in school the parents and most of the Business executive will tell you it is a good idea to learn Mandarin Chinese, but the language’s reputation as difficult may put you off. Most British students, in my experience, are exceptional at learning languages and are typically sensitive to their culture. This is their most important benefit when studying Chinese. It is natural, that some students believe Chinese is a difficult language. Yet like Chinese, Spanish and German are far more popular as well. You can try New Concept Mandarin


  • Chinese language is comparable to English grammar in many aspects. A subject, a predicate, and an object make up a simple Chinese sentence structure. In other respects, Chinese grammar is even easier.
  • For example, in the Chinese language, there are no separate forms depending on gender or singular or plural. There are various discrepancies between Chinese and English, but tracing the hint and bridging the gap is simple.


  • British people have no trouble pronouncing words in Chinese. Those, whose first language is French or Italian, frequently have more difficulty. The mandarin course hong kong is also available.
  • Most British people may struggle with the four tones, which they do not have in English. But with practice, you can tackle this challenge, and accomplish it.
  • After six months of training, most students can cross customs at a Chinese airport on their own, arrange appointments with friends, ask for directions, and use public transportation.